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Brand Recognition

  1. Brand recognition refers to someone’s ability to recognize your brand. Unlike a passing billboard, promo products can stick around for a long time if it’s something they see or use often. This means the likelihood of remembering a brand later is greater.

Greater Exposure

  1. Promotional products will give greater exposure for your business. Giveaways and small promotional products that people may use from day to day or if they float around a house, office, cafe etc will create greater exposure for your brand.

Works as a business card

  1. Promotional products work almost the same as a business card. Instead of giving out overly informative pieces of card to add to people collections, you could give out something useful like pens that have your brands name and contact info on it.

Cost Effective

  1. Promotional products are very cost effective. Small items such as balloons, stubby holders, pens, confectionary and balloons are cheap in large quantities and will be used and passed around for quite some time!