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Travel mugs & reusable coffee cups are available in a range of shapes, sizes & materials.

Travel mugs generally come in stainless steel double walled, stainless steel with plastic wall, & plastic with plastic wall.

The current trend for reusable coffee cups are most common in plastic but also available in glass, ceramic & stainless steel.

Single walled models generally will have silicone band (which can be decorated) to keep your hand off the hot surface whereas double walled generally have no need for the silicone band.

All travel mugs & reusable coffee cups can be printed or laser engraved with your logo depending on the surface being decorated.

Want something disposable? We can also take care of that for you as well with 8oz & 12 oz disposable food grade coffee cups with full colour print.

Great for events & cafes. Don’t forget to ask about compostable drinkware to help look after the environment..

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