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Tear Drop & Bali Banners are two of the more popular banner shapes but there are many others.

Small, Medium & Large size are available with several different bases depending on the application needed. Small, medium & large are roughly 2 meters, 3 meters & 4 meters in height.  Some of the standard bases include ground spikes for soft ground, flat & collapsible cross bases for hard surfaces, water bases & wall brackets.  It is possible to order several bases for the same banners for different applications.  Car dealers often use a base that goes under the wheel of a car.

Pull up banners are great for static displays & are available in budget models & premium models. Both generally have the same printed media & only the base quality differs. We generally only sell the Premium models, it’s cheaper in the long run. The most common size is 850 mm x 2000 mm but we also have wider ones & double sided available.

 Flags for flag poles are available as a cheaper promo model with a shorter life span or the premium models with longer lifespans. We custom print your art or have stock National, all Australian states & territories, Torres Strait Islanders & Aboriginal flags available. The most common flag size is 1800 x 900mm.

Bunting, fence mesh & vinyl banners are all available printed in full colour.  Fence mesh is available in arrange of types & the type you use depends on the application & factors such as wind & location.

Don’t forget we also supply full colour media walls, podiums, custom printed marquees, cafe umbrellas, café barriers & custom printed table covers.

The longevity of your soft signage has a lot to do with the location & care. The dirt that collects in your flag is very abrasive & will reduce the life span as will very windy locations. Flags should be regularly laundered to assist in extending their life.  

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