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GO GREEN! The ever popular eco-friendly non-woven, jute, cotton & calico bags are available in either stock sizes, shapes & colours or full custom made. We have supplied tens of thousands of custom-made non-woven bags for all sorts of applications. Some of the custom non-woven bags we have supplied include bags for accountants that fit the exact size of folders, bags for bakeries to fit the exact size of 2 loaves of bread, to a travel agent with a bag for dirty laundry, which is also the exact size of carry-on luggage.

The bag you choose will depend on several factors including budget, application, decoration requirements & quantity.  There is good savings to be made if you have time up your sleeve & require larger quantities. With sea freight indent the time line is usually 8-12 weeks depending on the time of the year but generally you can significantly reduce the cost of the bag going this way. The most economical method of print is single colour print. Full colour is still quite expensive unless you go with full colour laminated non-woven bags.

So whether the bags  is non-woven, jute, calico or cotton,
give us a call today! It costs less than you think to have full custom made non-woven bags!


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