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At Redback Promo there are NO Surprises!

It is our goal to produce good quality, value for money products. Our process is one of that, which will leave no surprises for our customers as you will be entirely with us every step of the way!

The Order Process is as follows:

An Order Confirmation including exact products/garments, decoration information and total price is emailed to you. This will be confirmed by yourself as well as a 50% deposit made for new customers prior to beginning any artwork. We do this so we ensure we order the correct products, colour and sizes. It also ensures we do art for the correct products.

If you need a specific delivery date we can often accommodate this if we know at the time of ordering. It is almost impossible to change a delivery date once your job is in production, so you must tell us when you order.

Your art work will then be created/mocked-up/placed onto products/garments and then sent to you as an Artwork Approval (this will vary depending on the job). This is a chance to look over your work and check everything from colours to punctuation and spelling. This will then need to be approved before we continue with the order. We will not commence decoration until you are completely happy with your artwork.

Once a final decision is made on the art work and it is APPROVED, we will then move to Ordering the product/decoration. 

Once ordered, our decorators will generally make a to-scale/accurate Printers Proof. This will be emailed to you for approval. A printers proof in not an opportunity to change your art, but it is an opportunity to pick up missing details, errors that may have been missed initially or electronic faults that may have made unwanted changes to the artwork.  

Once you are happy with the printing proof, the production of your order begins. So you can be assured, barring unforeseen errors you will get exactly what you ordered at the price you agreed to pay. No surprises.